Philosophy and Values

With over 30 years of history, the Festina Group is now one of the giants of the watchmaking sector thanks to a growth strategy in which the creation of new brands has alternated with the acquisition of well-known Swiss ones: Festina, Lotus, Jaguar, Candino, Calypso, Lotus Style and Lotus Silver.


The success of the Festina Group is based on the experience and knowledge gained by each of its brands, but also on technological innovation, unbeatable value for money and special maintenance care in our after-sales service. In addition, outstanding planning of a worldwide distribution system guarantees the group´s growth with the future in mind.


The Festina Group makes sure that design and innovation are the common denominator in all its collections, making quality control, professionalism and personal attention the corporate values that guide the way they work. As a result, the group is present in more than 90 countries and today is the sector leader in markets as important as Spain and France.


A great international expansion that would not be possible if we had not risen on the pillars of innovation and quality to see farther ahead.

Festina Group